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Jean-Marie Musy
Benoit Musy

The Mission: To save as many lives as possible from the German Concentration Camps

The Story: Two Swiss private citizens who risked their lives and saved 1,200 Jews
from the Holocaust


Jean-Marie Musy was born on April 10, 1876 in Albeuve (Gruy�re -Switzerland). He started studying at the Saint Michel College in Fribourg, followed by the Saint Maurice Abbey, where he obtained his degree in philosophy. Subsequently he registered at the University of Fribourg law school and he finished his doctorate in 1904. He also completed graduate studies in political science and finance in Leipzig, Munich, Berlin and Vienna.

When he was thirty years old, he opened a law office in Bulle, after having worked for two years as the attorney general in Fribourg. At the same time, he was the director of the Cr�dit Gru�rien in Bulle. In 1906 J.-M. Musy married Julietta de Meyer, the daughter of Count Jules de Meyer, Zouave officer at the service of Pope Pius IX.

He was elected to the National Council in 1914, and he became rapidly one of the most competent representative from the French region (Romande) of Switzerland to the National Assembly in Bern. At the age of only 43 years old, he was elected Federal Councillor and devoted all of his strength to the arduous task as the head of the Finance and Customs Department. Jean-Marie Musy was elected President of the Swiss Confederation in 1925 and 1930.  The unrelenting amount of work as a Federal Councilor, almost without rest, used his strength prematurely and he retired in 1934.

From 1934 to 1939, several important Swiss financial organizations, together with foreign governments sought his worthy economic advice.

In 1944, it is with a deep sense of humanity and Christian charity that made Jean-Marie Musy intervene on behalf of the Jewish prisoners of the concentration camps in Germany. It is because of the heroic mission of Jean-Marie Musy and his son Beno�t that over 1,200 human lives were saved from the Therensienstadt concentration camp.

After a long illness, Jean-Marie Musy died on April 19, 1952

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Beno�t Musy was born on December 13, 1917 in Fribourg (Switzerland). His father, Dr. Jean-Marie Musy, was a Swiss federal councilor and became Vice-President and President (1925-1930) of Switzerland.

 After graduating from secondary schools in Bern, Beno�t Musy added to his academic credentials by attending a prestigious Swiss agronomy institution. He received his agricultural engineer's diploma, and then served as a Lieutenant in the number 4 squadron of the Swiss air force. From 1938 to 1948, he worked in the agriculture business.  In 1947 he was the first military skydiver and he obtained the number 2 licence.  As civil and military pilot, he logged over 1,700 landings.

During World War II Benoit had accompanied his father, Jean-Marie Musy in Germany, to negotiate to release 1,200 prisoners from the Therensienstadt concentration camp. Many times he risked his life to rescue prisoners in Germany: thirty thousand kilometers, during eight months, in the most perilous circumstances.

From 1947 to 1953 B. Musy raced Moto Guzzi motorcycles on a professional basis. He was given the title of Swiss Champion (250 cc and 500 cc) six times in national and international races.

In 1950 he married Manuela Consuelo Heusch Fernandez, the daughter of Eduard Hugo Heusch, an industrialist from Barcelona Spain.

In 1954 he switched to the automobile racing world driving Maserati race cars. Unfortunately, his life came to an end on the 7th of October 1956 at the steering wheel of a Maserati 200S in Montlh�ry (France).

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